ENVIROFEST 2023 6th Edition

by Cyril Dion

Documentary | France | 2022 | 105 minutes. Official selection Cannes Film Festival 2021

Bella and Vipulan are 16 years old, a generation convinced that their future is threatened. Climate change, 6th mass extinction of species… in 50 years their world could become uninhabitable. They may alert but nothing really changes. So they decide to go back to the source of the problem: our relationship to the living world. Throughout an extraordinary journey, they will understand that we are deeply linked to all other species. And by saving them, we will also save ourselves. The human being believed that he could separate himself from nature, but he is nature. He too is an Animal.

by Carole Poliquin

Documentary | Canada | 2022 | 94 minutes

At the current rate, all the arable land on the planet could have disappeared within 60 years, washed away by erosion. With the humility now required by the state of planetary destruction, a couple of market gardeners work to implement the great principles of nature in their gardens, in search of a new alliance with the living. Old and new knowledge guides them on this path, knowledge that reaffirms the complexity of an interdependent world, the fruit of billions of years of co-evolution.

by Tyson Sadler

Documentary |Canada, USA | 2021 | 101 minutes

Too many people in the same place at the same time. Infrastructure that harms local communities. Animals and children exploited for selfies. The Last Tourist dissects mass tourism at its worst. This confronting documentary also offers ways to travel in a more ecological and equitable way.

by Yusuke Hirota

Animation |Japan | 2022 | 100 minutes

Lubicchi lives in the middle of large chimneys whose thick smoke has always covered the sky of his city. He would like to prove to everyone that his father was telling the truth and that, beyond the clouds, there are stars. One Halloween night, the little chimney sweep meets Poupelle, a funny creature with whom he decides to set off to explore the sky.

by Jennifer Abbot

Documentary | Canada | 2020 | 85 minutes

Jennifer Abbott’s new documentary weaves memories of the loss of her sister with stories of the manifestations of climate change seen on the front lines, drawing intimate parallels between grief experienced on a personal as well as a planetary scale.

« Kiss the Ground »
by Joshua Tickell

Documentary |Canada, USA | 2020 | 85 minutes

The planet’s soils are THE key to reversing global warming. Indeed, by regenerating them, we can fully stabilize the Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies. How can the food you eat turn things around, heal your body, and ultimately save our world? Narrated by Woody HARRELSON, this inspiring and groundbreaking film reveals the first viable solution to our climate crisis.

by Denis Delestrac

Documentary |France, Spain | 2017 | 60 minutes

Maritime traffic plays an essential role in our globalized economy. The elements constituting an average consumer object travel several times around the planet before reaching the shops. At the cost of serious environmental damage and tax losses due to flags of convenience. Investigation in an opaque field.

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